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The Ethical Engineer brings together multiple academic institutions and organizations to discuss the ethical practice of engineering in an international environment.

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As you read and analyze a case study, your reflective comments are requested on all of the following:

  • Who are the stakeholders, and how are they impacted both positively and negatively?
  • What knowledge and skills are needed to implement sophisticated, appropriate, and workable solutions to the complex global problems facing the world today?
  • What interdisciplinary perspectives would help identify innovative and non-obvious solutions?
  • What insights can you articulate, based your on culture and other cultures with which you are familiar, to help understand your worldview and enable greater civic engagement?
  • What is your position on the right thing(s) to do?

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There is a comment box at the end of each article. Reflect on the ethical issues in an article in a 200-500 word response. Try to organize and structure your response – don’t worry about spelling or grammar.

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Index: Case Studies

Title Contributor Institution Country

Which is more important - Environmental Concern or Economic Growth?

S. Majumdar Amity University India

Outsourcing Manufacturing to Developing Countries

W. Marcy Texas Tech US

Bhopal Gas Tragedy (1983-84)

R. Chakraborty London Churchill College UK

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